Dave McConaghay

Nickname - Thunder Dave / Yogi Dave

Position - Midfield / Forward

Height - 5'11"

Weight -  165 lbs

Birthdate - March 20, 1986

Hometown - Minneapolis, MN

Current Home - Boulder, CO

Previous Clubs (Adult) - George Washington University Colonials 2004-2007 ('04 A10 conference Champs)

Previous Clubs (Youth) - Westside FC (1994-2004, Minneapolis, MN), South High Tigers ('00-'02, Minneapolis, MN), Suffield Academy ('02-'04, Suffield, CT)

Favorite Harpo's FC Moment - Soaking in SLC, Shane F. Wheeler's goal to beat rival Rovers to qualify for the US Open Cup in Kansas City and the absurdity of the ensuing celebration

Why I love Harpo's FC - The unparalleled camaraderie. There is a sincere sense of mutual respect throughout the team, meaning we are free to work and play hard for each other in whatever role is required of us. Sometimes that's scoring a winning goal, other times that's rushing the field from the sideline to celebrate said goal. Either way, everyone wins. Unlimited Avery libations are good too.

Favorite Pro Players - Messi, Zidane, Giggs, Gerrard, Bergkamp