Joey Matibag

Nickname - Queso

Position - Defender

Height - 5'8"

Weight -  150 lbs

Birthdate - March 12, 1991

Hometown - San Diego, CA

Current Home - Denver, CO

Previous Clubs (Adult) - University of Colorado, Avery Brewing FC, Oskar Blues FC, Das Haus, Five Sided Fistagon

Previous Clubs (Youth) - Nomads

Favorite Harpo's FC Moment - Destroying the locals in beach footy while crushing beers and chiefing cigarettes on the beaches of Salvador, Brazil during the 2014 World Cup with the Daus Haus Harpo's boys.

Why I love Harpo's FC - The unspoken, mutual understanding that there is to be a balance between playing the best footy possible and coordinated debauchery. 

Favorite Pro Teams - FC Barcelona