Ross Van Osdol

Position - Forward / Midfield

Height - 6'2" 

Weight - 165 lbs

Birthdate - November 4, 1989

Hometown - Peoria, Illinois

Current Home - Boulder, CO

Previous Clubs (Adult) - Upslope, Croatian Eagles, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee Wave

Previous Clubs (Youth) - SFC, Rockford Raptors, Chicago Fire Youth Academy, Dunlap High School

Favorite Harpo's FC Moment - Going undefeated in Vail 2015 and winning the tournament in the beautiful Vail Mountains.

Why I love Harpo's FC - , In my very first game with Harpo's, after 90 seconds on the field and roughly 2 touches on the ball, I received my first Red Card for the club.  Bewildered by the event, I walked away in utter disbelief from what I felt like to be a very harsh red card.  Feeling embarrassed and a bit like an arse, I was dreading returning to a bench full of unknown teammates who I had presumed to be pretty pissed at this new guy getting thrown out.  However, the whole rest of the game and the rest of the night the squad was very welcoming and understanding of the events that took place.  The guys made me feel like one of them straight away and made it clear that they forgave me for putting the team in a bad situation.  Steve actually went out of his way to make sure it was only a one game suspension, and from then on I knew this was more than a team, it was a brotherhood.  And that, ultimately, more so than the amount of talent on this squad (which is of pro quality), is what convinced me to make the switch to Harpo's FC!

Favorite Pro Teams - Arsenal FC, Hibernian FC