Zac Gibbens

Position - Goalkeeper

Height - 6'0"

Weight - 185 lbs

Birthdate - October 3, 1984 

Hometown - Stillwater, OK

Current Home - Loveland, CO

Previous Clubs (Adult) - 1790 Cincinnati (PASL-Pro), Colorado Lightning (PASL-

Pro), Fort Wayne Fever (PDL), University of Dayton, Creighton University

Previous Clubs (Youth) - Colorado Rush, San Juan Soccer Club, Loveland High School, Folsom High School 

Favorite Harpo's FC Moment - Beating BYU in a PK shootout in the 1st round of the 2015 Lamar 

Hunt Open Cup

Why I love Harpo's FC - The comradery that exists between the players, coaches, and

managers of Harpo’s FC is unlike any I’ve ever come across in my playing career.  There is 

genuine buy-in from every member of the team to put the successes of the group before those 

of the individual, and that is something rare in sports.  There is also nothing quite as fun to be 

around as good banter on a soccer pitch, and in that realm this group is second to none.  


Favorite Pro Teams - Liverpool FC